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How Safe are Turnkey Real Estate Investments?

If you’re just starting out in investing or expanding your current portfolio, you may be considering turnkey real estate investments. Real estate in general has long been recognized as a good investment, but what about turnkey real estate?

Low Risk for Big Rewards

The appeal of turnkey real estate investments is the low risk. It’s what makes them attractive to people with all levels of investment experience. Since there’s a low initial investment, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. Once you sell, you can begin to put your profits back into the investment and increase your income.

It’s usually quite easy to improve the value of the real estate properties you buy. You can choose properties with little improvement needed or those that need a major renovation, depending on your comfort level and cash. Some basic knowledge of which improvements bring the most return is all you need to see profits when you sell.

The housing market is relatively stable, which means prices continue to go up. If you buy a property today, you can expect the value to increase with improvements.

Manage Risks

As with any investment, there is some risk in turnkey real estate investments. You can get a property that has more issues than what you bargained for or needs a lot of work to meet codes.

You can manage your level of risk my investing appropriately. Work with an experienced real estate investment company to ensure the money you put in provides a good return.

If you’re looking for safe investments to add to your portfolio, talk to the team at Hometown Development. We offer low risk turnkey investment opportunities to help you increase your income. Reach out to learn more at 616-379-3090. 

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