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The goal of our team is to provide a stress-free experience for you as you sell your home. We can help you close on your home in just a few days or weeks, depending on your timeline. As an experienced buyer, it doesn’t take us long to get through the steps to sell your home.

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Do you want to sell your house for a fair cash price?

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We’re here to help you sell quickly with no hassles.

Our team works with you to sell your property stress-free and on your terms.
Whether that’s in a week or a few months. Plus, we’re the actual house buyer. That means no gimmicks and no games.

Get your offer within
24 hours guaranteed

We’ll ask some basic questions about your property, so that we can create the perfect offer for your needs.

No need to
make repairs

You don’t have to spend money to make repairs or renovate just to sell it, which means it can sell faster.

Close on your

Since we already have cash, we can close in just a week or wait until you can get moved out in a few weeks.

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Laura DeHaan

   3 weeks ago

When we decided to contact Hometown Development, we really were curious what our home was worth to someone else. We have been stuck updating our home for all three years of our marriage and it was exhausting because we just didn’t have the time needed to make a lot of progress. While we have ...

Erica Anderson

   5 weeks ago

I was looking for a quick sell and looked at the BBB reviews. I met with Adam and he was kind & professional throughout the entire process, which made for a smooth transition. I would recommend this company to my friends.


Michael Bosch

   5 weeks ago

I reached out to Hometown when I wanted to sell my house. I knew the house would need some work done to attract a buyer, and I didn't want to deal with the stress, time, or cost; nor with a realtor and buyers. Hometown agreed to buy my house as-is for a price that I ...


   6 weeks ago

Straightforward, serious, honest and helpful when “stuck”. I would recommend this group to anyone puzzled and in need of help.


Stephanie Lashuay

   9 weeks ago

As a realtor, we walk through a lot of flips. This company went above and beyond, hired excellent people and gave a great value in a competitive seller market. My clients were thrilled. I enjoyed working with their very competent listing agent. It was a win/win for all. ...

Kirstin Vanloo

   9 weeks ago

Everyone at Hometown Development is so easy to work with. Professional and communicative! We appreciate everything about Hometown from their friendliness and quick responses, to their expertise and flexibility. Would definitely use them again in the future....

Kathy Kent

   10 weeks ago

I've enjoyed working with Hometown with selling my house. They were professional. Adam Minor made it easier for me to move on to my new house. If I ever need to sell or refer a friend it will be Hometown....

Robert Arzola

   10 weeks ago

I had a very great experience working with this company. They made everything convenient as possible and gave me a fair price for my home. I would definitely recommend hometown development to anyone looking for a fast sale.


Danielle Sumrell

   11 weeks ago

Adam was super professional and courteous from start to finish.  I appreciate your help in selling my home.  If you need to sale your home fast and want the best price I highly recommend their service....

What You Should Know About the Wyoming Real Estate Market

It can be challenging to sell a home in Wyoming, especially if you have an older home. There are plenty of other homeowners who also want to sell. Developers are also building new properties with all the modern amenities that buyers want to see. If your home is less than perfect, it can be quite the challenge to make it appeal against the competition.

Understanding Market Value

One of the first things that a real estate agent will do when trying to sell a home is to check local market value of other homes in the neighborhood. They compare homes of similar size and condition that have sold in recent months. This is a necessary process if you want to get the most out of a house. However, working with an experienced cash buyer means you don’t have to worry about all that research. The buyer will do the work to find out what your home is worth. Homes in Wyoming continue to appreciate, which means your home is worth more than it was a few years ago. Even if your home isn’t up to date, you can still get a fair offer when you work with a cash buyer who knows the local market.

No Money for Repairs or Remodeling?

If you’re like a lot of homeowners in Wyoming, you don’t have a lot of money sitting around for repairs or to remodel your home. It can cost several thousands of dollars to renovate your home. If your property is older or hasn’t been updated in many years, the price will skyrocket. Another issue with remodeling is the time you must stay in the house rather than getting moved out. It could take months to get the renovations completed before you can list the home again. During this time, you may still have a mortgage to pay, utilities, and other expenses. You have to deal with a contractor and all the tasks that come with overseeing a remodel.

Why Choose a Cash Buyer?

Selling a home doesn’t have to be as challenging or stressful as what you hear about. If you choose a cash buyer like Hometown Development, you can get rid of most of those issues. We don’t need a remodeled home or even one that will pass inspection. Cash buyers have the money in hand, which can reduce the time to sell. With traditional buyers, they have to get approved for a home loan and can run into delays. With a cash buyer, you get to choose the closing date because they are ready to buy. Don’t be frustrated or discouraged about the idea of selling your home. You can go a different route to find a cash buyer who will take care of the details and help you get moved out and moved on in less than a month. Contact Hometown Development to get a cash offer on your home with no obligation to sell. Find out how you can get out of your home and sell to an experienced buyer with less stress and no hassles.

Stats for Wyoming

As a homeowner who is planning to sell their home, you need to be aware of the latest stats for the market in Wyoming. It can make a difference in the strategy you use to sell your home.

Median Sale Price


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Average Sale Price Per Square Foot


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Number of Homes on the Market


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Percentage of Appreciation


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This is the amount of appreciation seen in the Wyoming housing market in the past ten years. Homes are increasing in value for owners, which allows them to get a higher price when they sell.


number of homes on the market in March of 2021. Low inventory means more showing from potential buyers. You’ll need a realtor to deal with all that, but a cash buyer avoids the hassle.


This is the rate of unemployment, which is compounded by the sense of isolation in Wyoming, making it more difficult to appeal to buyers who can afford to purchase right away.

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