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Trust the Hometown Development team to make selling your house easier and simpler than you ever imagined. We can help you get your home sold in just a week or longer if you need more time. As a professional, experienced cash buyer, we provide a fair cash offer to fit your situation.

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Do you want to sell your Holland, Michigan house for a fair cash price?

…or, on a timeline that works for you.

We’re here to help you sell quickly with no hassles.

Our team works with you to sell your property stress-free and on your terms.
Whether that’s in a week or a few months. Plus, we’re the actual house buyer. That means no gimmicks and no games.

Get your offer within
24 hours guaranteed

All we need is some basic information about your property to create a reasonable offer.

No need to
make repairs

Don’t spend money on updates or repairs for your home, which only add stress to your already busy life.

Close on your

We work around your schedule, whether you need to close right away or require a little extra time to get ready.

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Laura DeHaan

   3 weeks ago

When we decided to contact Hometown Development, we really were curious what our home was worth to someone else. We have been stuck updating our home for all three years of our marriage and it was exhausting because we just didn’t have the time needed to make a lot of progress. While we have ...

Erica Anderson

   5 weeks ago

I was looking for a quick sell and looked at the BBB reviews. I met with Adam and he was kind & professional throughout the entire process, which made for a smooth transition. I would recommend this company to my friends.


Michael Bosch

   5 weeks ago

I reached out to Hometown when I wanted to sell my house. I knew the house would need some work done to attract a buyer, and I didn't want to deal with the stress, time, or cost; nor with a realtor and buyers. Hometown agreed to buy my house as-is for a price that I ...


   6 weeks ago

Straightforward, serious, honest and helpful when “stuck”. I would recommend this group to anyone puzzled and in need of help.


Stephanie Lashuay

   9 weeks ago

As a realtor, we walk through a lot of flips. This company went above and beyond, hired excellent people and gave a great value in a competitive seller market. My clients were thrilled. I enjoyed working with their very competent listing agent. It was a win/win for all. ...

Kirstin Vanloo

   9 weeks ago

Everyone at Hometown Development is so easy to work with. Professional and communicative! We appreciate everything about Hometown from their friendliness and quick responses, to their expertise and flexibility. Would definitely use them again in the future....

Kathy Kent

   10 weeks ago

I've enjoyed working with Hometown with selling my house. They were professional. Adam Minor made it easier for me to move on to my new house. If I ever need to sell or refer a friend it will be Hometown....

Robert Arzola

   10 weeks ago

I had a very great experience working with this company. They made everything convenient as possible and gave me a fair price for my home. I would definitely recommend hometown development to anyone looking for a fast sale.


Danielle Sumrell

   11 weeks ago

Adam was super professional and courteous from start to finish.  I appreciate your help in selling my home.  If you need to sale your home fast and want the best price I highly recommend their service....

What You Should Know About Selling Your House in Holland, MI

With a population of 33,488, Holland is a small community, which can make it more difficult for homeowners who are trying to sell their homes. An unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, which is above the national average, may mean fewer people have the ability to buy right now. Selling a home in Holland can require you to think outside the box.

The Costs of Selling Your House

With more than 80 houses on the market, you have the challenge of making your home stand out against the competition. If your home is older or hasn’t been updated in several years, it could take a lot of work to get the property ready to put on the market. You could spend thousands of dollars on renovations and several months of your time before you can even list it. If you decide to sell with a real estate agent, you also have to factor in the commission. This adds another few thousand dollars to the cost of selling your home. Don’t forget about the cost in time since you’ll be the owner of this property for several more months. If you live in the house, you’ll have to deal with buyers coming to see it and open houses. You’ll be living in the middle of the renovations, which isn’t easy, especially if you have a family.

A Better Option

If this scenario sounds like something you want to avoid, you have a better option available. Sell your house to a cash buyer. They won’t require you to make any repairs or renovations. You probably won’t even need an inspection. You won’t have to worry about your home meeting codes or getting approved by a lender. A cash house buyer has the money on hand, so they don’t have to get approved for financing. This means fewer hoops to jump through and a shorter timeline. You can even have your home sold in a week if you’re ready. Another bonus with a professional cash buyer is they know what they’re doing. They have bought homes before, so they understand the steps involved and the paperwork needed. You won’t have the responsibility of getting everything taken care of, so you can focus on getting moved. If you’re ready to sell your Holland home and want to avoid the hassles, contact Hometown Development. Our team is ready to get a cash offer for you and take the worry away of selling a home.

Stats in Holland

As a homeowner trying to sell your home, these stats may have an impact on your decision on how to sell your home.

Median Sale Price


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Home Appreciation


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Cost of Home Updates and Repairs

2-3% of home value

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Number of Houses on the Market


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The average number of offers a house in Holland receives. If your home is older or outdated, you likely won’t receive that many. A cash buyer will make you an offer based on market value for your home.


Percentage of population decline, which means fewer people are looking to move to Holland. This can increase the difficulty of getting your home sold.


The percentage for home appreciation in the past 10 years. Your home has likely increased in value even if it hasn’t been updated, which means you can get a good offer for the property from a cash buyer.

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