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We are here to help you get out of your unwanted housing situation. We buy homes in any shape at various costs. Our team is here to serve you to make the sale of your unwanted home fast and easy. We understand that you may not be in an ideal position in your home, so we want to buy it from you. In most cases we can get you out of your house as early as a week or a few months depending on what you need. We know how valuable your time is to you and that is why we want to make your transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Do you want to sell your Grand Haven house for a fair cash price?

…and on a timeline that works for you?

We’re here to help you sell quickly with no hassles.

We buy Grand Haven, Michigan houses. Our team works with you to sell your property stress-free and on your terms.
Whether that’s in a week or a few months. Plus, we’re the actual house buyer. That means no gimmicks and no games.

As the home buyer we strive to get your offer within 24 hours, guaranteed.

We will start by getting some basic information from you in order to construct an offer specifically for your property and needs.

No need to
make repairs

No need to update an older house to more modern specifications in order to prepare it for sale.

You set the
closing date

We will work with you in order to close on your schedule.

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Bob S.

   0 weeks ago

Adam came out on time to visit my property. He was very professional and knew his stuff. They worked with me and my time frame for closing and were quick to reply to my phone calls and questions. Very professional.



   1 weeks ago

great experience good people very easy to work with


Pamela Burkle

   9 weeks ago

Very quick to respond. Easy to work with too! Great people!...

Brenda Turnes

   10 weeks ago



Christine Fuhrman

   13 weeks ago

Adam was very kind and professional. Fair pricing and easy to work with.


Dan Gilmore

   14 weeks ago

Adam and the team were wonderful and flexible through the whole process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house in a hassle -free and timely manner.



   19 weeks ago

Adam made the whole process easy and seamless. We were offered more than we expected and we were kept informed throughout the whole process. If you want to sell your property without the headaches of going through a realtor, this is the way to go!


Daryl Miller

   19 weeks ago

The whole process was quick and easy. Adam kept us informed each step of the way and we received more for our property than we expected. I would recommend Hometown to anyone who is thinking of selling their property and who wants a simple, fair company to deal with.


Robert Ebel

   21 weeks ago

We had entertained cash offers from a couple of entities and all I can say is to do your due diligence before doing business with someone. Hometown gave a fair offer and was clearly the more experienced and professional choice. They had paperwork ready immediately but gave us the extra time ...

What You Should Know About the Grand Haven Real Estate Market

It can be quite challenging to sell a house in Grand Haven. You’ll have other homeowners with homes on the market and developers building new homes to compete with. If your home doesn’t have curb appeal and the modern amenities buyers are looking for, you may struggle to get it sold.

What is the Market Value?

You need to know the market value of your house or what it is worth. The value will depend on what other homes in the same neighborhood are selling for. Houses in one neighborhood can sell significantly higher or lower than homes the same age and size just a few streets away. A local cash home buyer will know the area and know the market for your neighborhood.

Houses in Grand Haven have appreciated in value by 12.5 percent, which means your home is worth more than it was a year ago. Even if it is older, you have some equity built up.

Consider the Cost of Updating Your Grand Haven Home

You may be thinking about updating your house to get a higher offer. While this is an option, don’t forget to consider the costs and challenges. First, you must know which updates to make. Not all renovations will bring the same return. You don’t want to waste your money remodeling only to fail to get a return on the amount you invested.

If your home is really outdated, expect to spend several thousands of dollars to make it look nice. You may not want to invest that much or have it lying around to put into your home.

Also consider how long renovations will take. Minor repairs and updates will likely last for a few weeks, while a major remodel will take a few months. You must wait until it is all done before you can sell your home. You also have to get a contractor or manage the work yourself, which can turn into a full-time job. You’ll have to pay invoices and check the progress in between work and family responsibilities.

The Benefits of a Cash House Buyer

If the situation sounds hopeless, rest assured that it isn’t. A cash home buyer can alleviate all of those problems with a good deal. They will pay a fair price based on the current condition of the home. They won’t require any repairs or even an inspection in most cases.

You can close on your house faster with a cash buyer because they have the money now. They aren’t waiting on a lender to get through the process and approve the home.

If this sounds like the answer to your situation, contact Hometown Development. Let us help you sell your Grand Haven home fast.

Real Estate Stats for Grand Haven, Michigan

Consider the following statistics and how they apply to you if you’re planning to sell your home. This information could be valuable as you make the decision on how to sell the property.

Median age of homes

61 years

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Median cost of home


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Percentage of residents that are renters


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is how much home appreciation has gone up in Grand Haven over the past year. Since it is probable that your home is worth more than a year ago, you should get a fair offer that meets your needs.


years is the average age of homes in Grand Haven. Many buyers want newer homes without any need for repairs. Hometown Development doesn’t mind outdated homes, and we pay a fair price based on the current market and condition.


of the listing price is what you can expect to pay for repairs or remodeling your home. If you don’t have the money or don’t want to use it on a home you are selling, contact Hometown Development for a fair offer on your home as-is.

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