Sell Your House During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process — legally, financially, and emotionally. Both parties are interested in dividing assets and creating separation as fairly, simply, and stress-free as possible, but there’s often contention around what who gets what and why, especially when it comes to your home. 

In many cases, the best thing for both parties is to sell your home during divorce and move onto a new chapter. Here’s some information on how you can do that.

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Why Sell Your Home During Divorce?

You aren’t required to sell your house during divorce by any means. However, it’s often the best choice for couples who are hoping to separate and move on in life. Here are three of the most common reasons why selling your home during divorce may be a good idea.

Financial Reasons

When you and your ex-spouse purchased your home together, you were likely working with two incomes to help cover home-related expenses. If neither party can afford to pay things like mortgage, insurance, property taxes, or maintenance on their own, selling is likely the best option.

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Legal Reasons

Even if it wasn’t a perfect 50/50 split, both you and your ex-spouse likely contributed to the purchase of the home. If you both want the house but can’t come to an agreement on who should get it, the court will decide for you — and that’s a whole mess in itself. If you’d rather avoid further legal trouble and animosity, it’s probably best to sell the home and have you both move on.

Emotional Reasons

Whether your divorce was amicable or not, it can be difficult to remain in the home where you built a lot of memories with your now ex-spouse. If your heart isn’t prepared to take on that emotional toll, you’re probably better off selling your home, finding a new one, and starting fresh.


How to Sell Your House During Divorce

Traditional home sales during divorce often look differently than they would normally. You still go through the same steps of appraisal, listing, staging, and so on — but you’re doing all of that with your ex-spouse at the same time as you’re processing your divorce. It’s difficult, to say the least. 

Not only is it difficult, but it can also be more time-consuming. It may take longer to make decisions about your home sale with your ex, and it’s not likely you’ll agree on everything. You may also need to jump through legal hoops before moving on to certain parts of the process. 

One aspect that’s definitely different in selling your home during divorce is that you have to figure out how to split up the profit of the sale between you and your ex. You’ll likely have to work with your attorneys to divide the profit — which, of course, takes time and money. 

Is there a better way to sell your house during a divorce? Yes! Read below.

The Easiest, Least-Stressful Way to Sell Your Home During Divorce

For many homeowners, the easiest and least-stressful way to sell your home during divorce is to sell it to an all-cash home buyer, or real estate investment company (like us!). These companies will help you sell your home quickly and give you a fair cash offer that you can easily split between you and your spouse. 


You get out of your home quickly, you avoid paying mortgage payments while you’re also paying for divorce and attorney fees, and you can start your next steps in life. Also, there are minimal legal hoops to jump through compared to a traditional home sale.

Reduce Some of the Stress of Divorce & Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

Divorce is stressful. Forgoing a traditional home sale and selling your house for cash to Hometown Development can help take some of the stress away. Contact our team so we can learn more about your home, then we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer within just 24 hours — guaranteed!

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