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How to Sell a Home Yourself

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, you may be considering the cost of hiring a real estate agent and decide to tackle the job yourself. You can save on those real estate commissions by selling your home on your own. Here is a guide of what to do and what not to do when you are ready to sell.

Do Find Out Your Home’s Value

The first step before you do anything is to find out what your home is worth. Knowing your home’s value can help you price it right, so it sells quickly. While a real estate agent can access information to know property values, you can also get the information you need. Check out homes that have sold in the past few months in your neighborhood or on your street. Look for those around the same size and age to get an idea of market value. Hometown Development can provide you a fair cash offer within one business day based on current values for your home.

Don’t Make a Mistake with Updates

If you live in an older home, you may be tempted to put some money and effort into upgrading your home. Updates can increase the selling price of the home, but they can also be an added expense. The wrong updates won’t increase the value, but it will reduce your bank account. Other updates will increase the value of your home, but it may not be as much as you’re expecting. With Hometown Development, you don’t have to worry about updates. We buy homes as-is.

Do Consider the Timeline

Statistics show that it takes longer to sell a home yourself. You don’t have the experience in selling properties and it can be difficult to get your home in front of the right buyers, especially if it isn’t in excellent shape. You may need to plan on spending a lot of your time on marketing your home with open houses, home tours, and promoting your property. Hometown Development can buy your home in as little as five days for cash.If you want to sell your home on your own and sell it fast, consider how a cash buyer can help you reach your goals. Hometown Development makes it easy to for homeowners who want to sell fast without real estate commissions or expensive upgrades. We’ll work with you and help you to get a fair price for your home. Contact us to get your no-obligation offer.

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