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Moving Checklist When You Need to Sell Your Home Fast

If you need to sell your home fast, it can be an overwhelming situation. You have so much to think about and very little time to get it done. It’s easy to overlook certain tasks, so here is a checklist to help you get moved.

Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

The first step in the process is getting your home sold. The quickest way to sell your home fast is to find a cash buyer. A cash buyer won’t have to go through the loan approval process and all the steps involved, such as a home inspection.

Hometown Development will work with you to get your home sold in as little as five days. We have cash in hand, we can help you move forward with your life.

Arrange a Moving Company

Once you know you’re ready to sell your home, you’ll need to hire a moving company to get all the personal items and furnishings out of the house. Some moving companies even pack personal belongings, such as dishes and clothing.

The right moving company can take a big task off your to-do list and leave you with time for other important tasks. You’ll want to research your options early to ensure you find the best moving company for the job.

Find Storage

If you don’t have a place to live yet, you’ll need to find storage for your furniture and personal items. Check around locally but be willing to drive a few miles away from your destination since storage units are at a premium.

If you’ll be living in a smaller place for a while, you may need long-term storage. Find out if storage companies offer a discount for paying a year in advance. It might be a worthwhile investment for the cash you receive from the sale.

Stop Utility Service and Get Address Changes

You’ll need to schedule your utility service to be stopped at the old address. Don’t forget to have your mail forwarded to your new location. Make sure the utility companies have your new address to send the final bill.

You’ll need to consider other companies and agencies that should have your new address. One of the most important is the DMV. Your employer will need your new address for tax forms. Don’t forget your bank for any statements or correspondence as well as credit card companies. You don’t want your private information being sent to an old address.

Do you need help to sell your home fast? Hometown Development is here to help. We’ve been helping homeowners just like you get their homes sold for cash, so they can move out and move on with life. To find out more, get a no-obligation cash offer when you contact us today.

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