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Selling a House Long Distance? 5 Key Things to Know

Whether you’ve just relocated for a new job, inherited a house in another town, or have found yourself needing to get rid of a house you’ve moved away from, you may need to sell a house long distance. If you’re in this unique situation, there are five things you should know about the process.

#1 Selling a House Long Distance Might Require Travel

Before you can list the house for sale, you’ll likely need to visit the property to assess its condition and determine what repairs or changes need to be made before it can be ready to sell. You may need to get formal inspections done to locate any major issues, such as leaks, pest damage, or repairs, so you can address them before selling.  You’ll also need to evaluate the area where the house is located and settle on a realistic listing price. If you have the time and cash to fix up the property, you may be able to list it at a higher price. However, if the house needs more work than you can afford, or you want to sell quickly, you might consider a more competitive price point.

#2 You’ll Have to Prepare Your Home For Sale Long Distance

Once you know what the home needs in order to be sale-ready, you can start making the repairs or changes. If you’re selling a house long-distance, you may not be able to do this work yourself. You’ll either have to make time to travel back and forth and work on the home a bit at a time, or hire a crew to do the work for you. Depending on how much work the home needs, these preparations could get expensive.  Be sure to budget out the work in your original assessment to justify the time and cost it will take to make the changes. There might be some problems not worth fixing if you won’t be able to earn that money back in the sale of the home. Particularly if you’re selling a house long distance, the less effort and stress required to get rid of the extra property, the better.

#3 You Can Hire a Professional to Sell a House Long Distance 

One way to limit the number of trips needed to visit the property is to hire a professional. A representative like a Realtor or legal advisor can act as a go-between to facilitate the process of preparing the home for sale, showing it to potential buyers, and even negotiating any offers on your behalf.  Whether you hire one person or use a team, representatives with your best interests in mind can help make selling a house long distance easier. You’ll likely need to have a few trips to consult with your Realtor, or schedule regular meetings, and you may need to pay a retainer fee for legal consultations.

#4 You’ll Need to Maintain the House Long Distance

Another factor to consider when selling a house long distance is property maintenance. Regular upkeep will include paying any utilities, landscaping and lawn care, occasional cleaning, collecting mail, making any repairs as-needed, checking faucets, or other maintenance tasks.  You’ll need to have these needs covered during the time you’re preparing the house for sale, while it’s listed, and up until the sale is closed. Your representative may be able to look after the property for you, or you may need to hire separate services for cleaning and mowing. Traveling back and forth to take care of these tasks isn’t practical if you’re selling a house long distance.

#5 Selling a House Long Distance to a Real Estate Investor is Quick and Easy

For a fast and hassle-free sale, you can sell your home to a real estate investor. Selling a house long distance this way is simple and can be completed in a single visit. A real estate investor will walk through the home with you and make you a fair offer based on its market value. You won’t have to travel back and forth to make repairs, hire a Realtor, or wait around for a traditional buyer. If you sell to a real estate investor, you receive a fair offer and can have your home sold in as few as five days.  If you’re selling a home that you’re a long way away from, a traditional sale might not be the best option for you. If you’re hoping to get a fair offer and move on, talk to the team at Hometown Development. Reach out to us today for your free cash offer.

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