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Should I Get Rid of the Mold or Get Rid of the House?

Mold is a serious problem that unfortunately affects many Michigan homes. If you’ve spotted mold in your own home, you’re probably concerned about what your next steps should be. You can’t live with mold because it’s detrimental to your health, but it’s not an easy problem to fix.

To put it simply, you have two options: get rid of the mold or get rid of your house. Read on to figure out which is the best choice for you. 

Option 1: Get Rid of the Mold in Your House

Mold is a nasty thing to deal with. It’s extremely pervasive and can have serious health effects if not taken care of quickly. But the good news is that it is possible to get rid of mold, as long as you’re willing to put some time and effort into the project. 

How to Get Rid of the Mold in Your House

The answer to this question depends on where exactly the mold is located in your home and how much of it there is. 

If the mold in your home is located on just one or a few surfaces in your home, you might be able to control it on your own with some simple home improvement solutions. Try one of these options out — just make sure you protect yourself with an N-95 respirator mask, goggles, and gloves beforehand. 

  • Undiluted white vinegar
  • Bleach solution (one cup bleach & one gallon water)
  • Ammonia solution (50% ammonia, 50% water)

If the mold in your home is more pervasive and located in multiple areas, it’s probably best to hire a professional mold remediation team. They’ll be able to remove the large-scale mold growth from your home effectively, so it can’t easily grow back in the future. This may include removing things like drywall panels and tile to clean deep beneath the surface level.

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

Professional mold remediation costs the average homeowner between $1,000-$5,000. However, whole-home remediation projects can quickly work their way up to the $15,000 range. It all depends on the mold type, extent, and location within the home. 

But to put it simply, mold remediation isn’t a cheap undertaking. 

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

Most mold remediation projects take between 1-5 days, but this can vary depending on the amount of mold and where it’s growing. In fact, some mold remediation projects have taken as long as two weeks to complete. 

During this time, it’s usually recommended that you vacate your home. This means you’ll have to find alternative living arrangements for this period. If you have to pay for these living arrangements, it can also add to the overall cost of the project. 

Option 2: Sell Your House With Mold

If you’re unable to get rid of the mold in your house — either because you can’t afford it or just simply don’t want to deal with it — you may feel more inclined to sell your house and move on

Can You Sell a House With Mold?

Yes, you can sell a house with mold. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that it’s illegal to do so, but it’s not. As long as you disclose the mold issue to any prospective buyers, you can absolutely sell your house. Many have done it! 

How to Sell a House With Mold

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’d like to sell your house with mold. Firstly, you must disclose what you know about the mold to prospective buyers. Failing to do so can result in a huge safety issue and is illegal. 

Secondly, you should adjust your home’s listing price to reflect your home’s condition. A mold-infested house should not sell for the same price as a house with no mold. You’ll forfeit a bit of money here, but you’ll save on repair costs and be able to move out quickly. 

Your best bet to selling a house with mold for a fair price is selling to an all-cash buyer who purchases homes in as-is condition. You won’t be required to make any repairs, and they usually have a streamlined buying process that allows you to move on to better living arrangements must faster than you’d be able to with a traditional home sale.

Sell Your House with Mold to Hometown Development

Want to say “goodbye” to the mold in your home for good without all the hassle? Sell your home in as-is condition to Hometown Development! We’ll deal with the dirty work so you can move on and start fresh in a home you’re more comfortable in. Give us a call or contact us online for a free, no-obligation cash offer.

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