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What is Staging a Home? Can It Help My Home Sell Faster?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, staging is one aspect of the process. Learn what staging is, how to do it correctly, and how to avoid the hassle to sell your home faster.

What is Staging a Home?

Staging a home to sell means that you’re showcasing the best features of the home through the use of furniture, décor, and other items. Many times, a realtor will ask you to remove certain things in your home, such as that comfy old recliner that has faded over time or photos of your family hanging on the living room wall.

They will suggest that those items be put in storage or even in the garage while your house is being shown. The realtor will recommend certain piece of furniture to keep on display. They may even rent furniture to use in your home for staging. If you have already moved out of the home and into a new place with your belongings, the realtor may rent furniture to make the home more appealing over an empty property.

How to Do Staging Right

You can hire a staging expert, someone who knows the local market and knows what buyers are looking for. This is the best option if you want to sell your home quickly. Of course, you’ll pay for such expertise, and you may not have the money for a professional.

You can do the staging yourself to save money. Before you start staging, you should visit a few open houses in your area. Look for the top houses in your market and notice how their homes are set up. Take notes and go home and follow those guidelines for your own staging.

Here are a few general tips on staging:

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Highlight the positive features of the home
  • Remove old and worn furniture or cover it
  • Pack away any personal items
  • Set the table with dinnerware
  • Add flowers and plants around the house
  • Pull back any curtains or open up blinds to let in more natural light

The challenge with staging is that you must keep it this way for all showings and open houses. If you’re still living in the house, it can be difficult to function with most of your stuff packed away.

Sell Your Home Faster

Staging, preparing, and selling your home the traditional way is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. If you’re looking for an easier way to sell, reach out to Hometown Development. Our real estate investment firm is looking for properties like yours for a quick cash sale. We will make you an offer based on your home’s market value- no staging required. 

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