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Our goal is to make it easier to sell your home. We can work with you to get out of your house in five days or a few months if that is what you need. We are the cash buyer of your home, which makes the process a lot simpler and more straightforward.

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Do you want to sell your East Grand Rapids house for a fair cash price?

…and on a timeline that works for you?

We’re here to help you sell quickly with no hassles.

We buy East Grand Rapids, Michigan houses. Our team works with you to sell your property stress-free and on your terms.
Whether that’s in a week or a few months. Plus, we’re the actual house buyer. That means no gimmicks and no games.

Get your offer in just 24 hours – guaranteed!

We’ll ask for some basic info about the property to make a fair cash offer that fits your needs.

No repairs

Don’t worry about replacing that shag carpet or repainting, much less the more complicated remodeling tasks.

Close when you want

Because we already have the cash in hand, we can close when you want, whether it is in a week, a month, or longer.

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We work with homeowners throughout
Michigan to sell on your terms.

Christine Fuhrman

   2 weeks ago

Adam was very kind and professional. Fair pricing and easy to work with.


Dan Gilmore

   2 weeks ago

Adam and the team were wonderful and flexible through the whole process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house in a hassle -free and timely manner.



   8 weeks ago

Adam made the whole process easy and seamless. We were offered more than we expected and we were kept informed throughout the whole process. If you want to sell your property without the headaches of going through a realtor, this is the way to go!


Daryl Miller

   8 weeks ago

The whole process was quick and easy. Adam kept us informed each step of the way and we received more for our property than we expected. I would recommend Hometown to anyone who is thinking of selling their property and who wants a simple, fair company to deal with.


Robert Ebel

   9 weeks ago

We had entertained cash offers from a couple of entities and all I can say is to do your due diligence before doing business with someone. Hometown gave a fair offer and was clearly the more experienced and professional choice. They had paperwork ready immediately but gave us the extra time ...

Heidi A.

   10 weeks ago

Adam provided excellent assistance from the very start! I truly was at a loss with the home situation of a family member and I took a chance giving Hometown Development Company a call after seeing their ad on TV. Adam responded right away and promptly came out to see the house. A very fair ...

Jordan Jankowski

   13 weeks ago

quick and easy. needed to move quick for a new job.


Laura DeHaan

   16 weeks ago

When we decided to contact Hometown Development, we really were curious what our home was worth to someone else. We have been stuck updating our home for all three years of our marriage and it was exhausting because we just didn’t have the time needed to make a lot of progress. While we have ...

Erica Anderson

   18 weeks ago

I was looking for a quick sell and looked at the BBB reviews. I met with Adam and he was kind & professional throughout the entire process, which made for a smooth transition. I would recommend this company to my friends.


What You Should Know About the East Grand Rapids Real Estate Market

It can be quite a challenge to sell a house in East Grand Rapids. You want to sell your East Grand Rapids home fast, but your property isn’t in tip-top shape. You’re competing against developers who have the money to add those extra special amenities and finishes that will have big appeal with buyers. Your older, outdated home has an uphill battle.

Understanding Market Value

To know what your home can bring in a sale, you must know the market value of properties in your neighborhood. East Grand Rapids has multiple neighborhoods, each one unique in style and pricing. If you work with a local cash buyer who knows the area, they will know the right price for an offer on your property.

Homes in East Grand Rapids are appreciating, which means your house is increasing in value even if it isn’t as fancy or modern as others. Even though the median age for homes in East Grand Rapids is 65 years old, they have appreciated an average of 9.7% in the past year. Even a home that isn’t in top shape has more value than it did last year.

Calculating the Cost of Repairs and Remodeling

The average home will have a cost of 2-3% of the selling price on renovations. For a home in dire need of updating or repairing, that cost can double or triple. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and months of your time updating a home or property you are trying to sell.

That time lost means longer before you can move on with your life, longer paying a mortgage, home insurance, and other responsibilities with the home. As the renovations are done, you must make sure you hire a quality contractor, monitor the progress, make the payments to the trades people, and take care of other decisions. That’s a full-time job when you probably already have one as well as a family who needs you.

Why Choose a Cash Buyer in East Grand Rapids?

If you’re feeling discouraged about selling your home, don’t worry. A solution exists to ensure you sell your East Grand Rapids home fast. Choose to sell to a cash house buyer like Hometown Development. Cash buyers make it easy to get out of your home quickly with less hassle and stress.

Cash home buyers have the money now, so no waiting for approval by a lender. Traditional buyers who need a mortgage can take 45 or 60 days to get to closing. Cash buyers don’t care if the home isn’t up to date or if it passes inspection. Most cash buyers won’t even have an inspection done. If they do, it is just for their own knowledge. It won’t impact the offer.

Cash buyers are more knowledgeable about the selling process, so they often take care of the paperwork and details. They are flexible on the closing date to help you get ready to move out.

Contact Hometown Development for a free cash offer with no obligations. We want to help you sell your East Grand Rapids house fast with a fair offer. Contact us today to find out how easy it can be to sell your property.

Real Estate Stats for East Grand Rapids

As a homeowner who is getting ready to sell, you should know some stats that are specific to East Grand Rapids.

Age of the average home in East Grand Rapids

65 years old

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How much home appreciation has increased


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Median sale price


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is how much homes in East Grand Rapids have appreciated in the last 10 years compared to 27.4% for the US. This means that regardless of the condition of your home, it is likely worth more than what it was just a few years ago.


is the increase in sales price from last year. Your home is likely worth more than what it was last year, which is why it may be beneficial to request an offer even if you had one from the previous year.


of the sale price is the average amount for the cost of renovations on homes. If you don’t want to put money into a home you’re selling, a cash buyer is the best option to get your home sold quickly.

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