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Downsizing and Starting Over – How to Make It Work for You

Maybe you’re at the point in your life where you don’t want to deal with home repairs, or you just have too much house for your needs. The kids have grown up and moved out; the space is too big to keep up with for just one or two people. Or perhaps you’re younger and want to start enjoying the simple life with less stuff. Downsizing can be the way to help you reach your goals.

Know What You Want

The first step in downsizing happens before you start doing anything. You must decide what you want for this next phase of your life. Do you dream of moving into a retirement community with fewer responsibilities? Maybe you want to buy a smaller house, a condo, or apartment. Whatever your plans, you need to have an idea of the cost involved. You could start by researching properties that meet your needs.

Selling Your Home

Your next step is to think about selling your current home. If you’ve lived here a long time, chances are pretty good that it needs some work. From updates to complete remodels, repairs to renovations, fixing up an older home could cost you in time and money.

If you see a lot of work involved before you can list your home, you might want to consider the convenience of selling to a cash buyer. Because they don’t have to deal with a lender, the home doesn’t need to meet any requirements. Cash buyers are also experienced in working with homes that need a lot of work, so yours isn’t going to scare them off – even if it intimidates you.

Know Your Bottom Line

Once you decide to sell, have an idea of how much you need from your current home to move on to a new place. You’ll also need to know when you want to close on the home, so you can pack and relocate. Cash buyers will work with you on your schedule, whether that is closing in a week or waiting a couple of months as you find your new place and get everything in order.

If you’re ready to downsize and live a simpler life, a fair cash offer could be the jump start you need for your new home and life. Get the cash you need to purchase a condo or smaller home with a no obligation quote from Hometown Development. Contact us today for a free cash offer within one business day. 

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